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hadfield4wd 08-06-2019 09:50 AM


Originally Posted by hadfield4wd (Post 191061)
She is arriving in Estonia in Tallinn September 2nd.

Actually Sept 5th. The State Department will provide a driver to Valga. she is very excited.

hadfield4wd 09-13-2019 05:43 AM

She is moved in her new apartment and has started teaching. Also doing some programs at the youth center as well.

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hadfield4wd 01-30-2020 07:07 AM

don't know if anybody is reading this. But I'm headed to Estonia the last week of Feb to visit my daughter.

RBrider 01-30-2020 10:03 AM

Good for you, Dad. Hope it's great trip. Post a few photos when you get back.


hadfield4wd 02-27-2020 08:28 AM


Originally Posted by VilluEST (Post 182191)
Umm, I'm from Estonia, I know there are at least two other members from Estonia too.

It's a small and very beautiful Baltic country, our IT solutions (private and government) are top 1 in the world (e-government, online voting etc.). Estonia is not only financially stable, but also stable in every other aspect. It's a shame that we are still often looked at as a remnant of soviet union and/or part of Russian fed, even though we have always had our faces towards west. Our people are very friendly and welcoming, we just need some time to get to know you better. We don't have such issues with other nationalities like Sweden, Norway, Finland or other countries have (we haven't blindly accepted refugees, and there are only a small number). I would say Tallinn, capital of Estonia, is at least 10x safer than Helsinki or Stockholm. Living cost is about 1.5x lower than Finland, but higher than Latvia, Lithuania, Poland etc.

Really been enjoying my time in your country. Shes in Valga, but has applied for a full time job in Tartu.

What a beautiful country.

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hadfield4wd 02-27-2020 08:29 AM


Originally Posted by RBrider (Post 193670)
Good for you, Dad. Hope it's great trip. Post a few photos when you get back.


Here are some.

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RBrider 02-28-2020 03:49 AM



Elvis74 02-28-2020 02:28 PM

Here some pics from Tallinn
A very nice old town.
We have a supplier over there and I’ve been several times in Estonia.

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RBrider 02-29-2020 04:30 AM

Looks inviting. Thanks for posting.


hadfield4wd 06-01-2020 01:28 PM

Well just a quick follow-up. Amid this covid-19 crap that's going on. Just 2 weeks after I left the state department ordered all grant recipients home. So she had to rush and only got half of her stuff packed. The other half she had to leave. Her boyfriend was able to retrieve some items for her.

He is still in Estonia, and their lockdown is starting to loosen up a bit. He is Finnish so he didn't have the option to come here. He has been able to work from home this whole time. In the meantime since she was unable to secure employment in Estonia due to no one hiring she has taken a job in Denver and will move there July 4th weekend.

It was a bit difficult with no closure for her or her students but we are happy she was able to get home. It's a saga of cancelled flights and closed boarders. About 72 hours with almost no sleep.

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