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Shaunebob 09-17-2018 10:31 PM

2009 ec250 lights
Hope this is ok I'm having some trouble with the lights on my gasgas bikes starts and runs perfectly bike ticking over turn lights on and nothing rev the bike lights come on soon as its settled back to tick over light go off again I've tried disconnecting the yellow wire from the regulator can't say it makes a difference I've gone right through the wiring looking for shorts nothing could the standard gg light switch be bad or am I getting a dieing stator :confused: also I can't seem to find a stator for the ggs anywhere :)

Jakobi 09-18-2018 12:28 AM

I'm guessing you just have a really low idle. The stator doesn't put out a whole lot at idle.. I know mine are barely a flicker at idle and then light up properly with some throttle.

Which stator/ignition has it got? 2K2 or 2K3? Where does the wiring exit the stator cover?

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