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SS109 04-06-2019 06:57 PM

Accident report and PLEASE be careful out there!
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I had a little accident while riding recently. I was cresting a hill and, knowing that part of the trail I probably was in 4th gear (I say probably because I don't actually remember the collision at all) and moving, I had a head on with another rider. It was just a bad timing thing where neither of us could see the other. I was told I was unconscious for over 5 minutes and when I "woke up" I wasn't making sense and even got up and tried walked around for a few seconds. Don't remember much except my friend holding me in her lap and telling me not to move, getting in to a police SUV (remote location), a brief moment in the ambulance, and then parts of my hospital stay. I continued to go in and out over many hours.

The good news is I'll be fine and the other rider suffered no major injuries. I have a fractured C4 vertebrae, my whole upper back is stiff and sore, I have a deep contusion on my right shoulder, a sore spot on my left knee, a pulled right groin, and I jammed my left foot toes. Doc said I will make a full recovery but I'll be off the bike minimum 30 days. My follow up with the doc in 30 days will determine whether I get to ditch this neck brace or have to wear it another 30. Just the thought of another 30, ugh. :eek:

I'm told my bike is pretty messed up as well but I haven't been up to looking it over. Told I have bent handlebars, possibly bent forks, and a crushed expansion chamber. So, even if I'm good in 30 days it's going to be a while before I can ride my Gasser again. Thankfully I have my KDX still! :D

The irony of this whole situation is I just made a video ( about being safe by keeping your eyes up and scanning ahead. Anyway, please be careful out there and wear all your gear all the time!

Jakobi 04-06-2019 07:29 PM

Hope you have a quick recovery!

(F5) 04-07-2019 01:40 AM

Heal like a starfish dude. Glad things aren't worse.

shawbagga 04-07-2019 05:15 AM

Must've been a fair prang if ya got bent forks! Hope all.goes well & ya back riding ASAP.

RBrider 04-07-2019 06:13 AM

Thanks for the report SS. It could've happened to any of us .

Hope you heal quickly & completely.


BLD 04-07-2019 07:09 PM

Thanks for posting! We ride a lot of 2-way trails and public land, and it?s a good reminder to keep a head up in the blind spots. Hope you heal quick, can ditch the neck brace soon, and you didn?t break anything too expensive or hard to replace on the bike!

nknudsen 04-08-2019 09:20 AM

Your very lucky! Have a speedy recovery!!

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