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AzWickedSS 11-01-2021 12:52 AM

Unfortunately I haven't really messed with it much more as of lately. I took one of my injectors that seemed to best out of the 4 I have and had it cleaned and it made a big improvement overall with idling and throttle response but still hard hot start issue. I can get it to fire using the full throttle technique like the bike is flooded though. Still need to pull the starter to check it out and try to test the stator coil.

AzWickedSS 11-03-2021 04:44 PM

Finally cross referenced a temp sensor and replaced the one it had currently. The one on the bike when trying to test it would give me a ohm reading then go to OL. New one is in and as of now no issues restarting when hot. Haven't taken it on a real ride yet but looks like it's fixed the issue.

Anyone in the US I used Napa PN TS5520

Gasser Nate 11-13-2021 01:08 AM

Good job! 👍

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