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blitz11 04-18-2021 07:38 PM

Riding areas - Arkansas and Missouri

For the first time in 44 years, i have the summer off of work. My brother is retiring from Caterpillar in Manhattan, KS after 36 years, in May and he's done working for good. I am going to continue to teach at Montana State - i find it fun. Gives me someting to do in winter (SE - May).

I am going to travel from MT to KS to ride with him in Kansas, and we'd like to also ride in AR and MO.

Can anyone please recommend riding areas, state/nat'l forests where we could ride in those two states? I'd like to spend about a week - 10 days in those two states, riding as much as we can. I am unfamiliar with those states, but would like to spend time there.

Thanks very much in advance.

Zman 04-20-2021 07:13 AM

Congrats to your brother!!!

I have only ridden Chadwick in MO and it is nice for a day or so. Rider Planet provides some good info on places open to the public. The map option makes it easy to see locations across each state. Have a great trip!!

gasgasman 04-20-2021 08:07 AM

A buddy of mine owns this ATV park in AR. Check it out.

blitz11 04-20-2021 09:49 AM

Thanks, everyone! This is great. If you have more ideas, please keep them coming.

Bryan 04-20-2021 03:00 PM

contact Jim Cook. he lives in Smackover, Arkansas and I am pretty sure he can guide you to some great riding areas.

blitz11 05-12-2021 04:58 PM

Just booked my campground at the site. Spoke with Donnie - sounds like a great guy.

They said we could ride everything twice in three days. Sounds good to me.

We're gonna' check out Chadwick on the way to Arkansas.

I'm leaving tomorrow AM for 6 weeks. yee haw!

gasgasman 05-12-2021 06:27 PM


Originally Posted by blitz11 (Post 198114)
Just booked my campground at the site. Spoke with Donnie - sounds like a great guy.

He is. Good people.

Have fun.

We should have a GasGas group ride there one day.

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