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Mudshark 12-06-2017 11:22 AM

2003 FSE parts in 2017?
Hi guys!
I have a chance to buy a FSE 450 really cheap. I still have my 02 EC300 but I kinda need a dualsport bike that's tagged. It has a new (uninstalled) fuel pump with it and is pretty intact. It's only 700.00 so I'm thinking about getting it. I know some of the quirks it has as I rode the first one ever in the US back when they first came out. It was brand new and I rode a 85mile dual sport event without a hitch...but that was a long time ago. Looking for thoughts from other FSE 450 owners.

Harry 12-06-2017 04:14 PM

This may help

GasGas 12-06-2017 07:18 PM

I had a 2003 450 and it was a fun bike with big gobs of power when it ran. Not so much when it did not. Very expensive bike to own. personally I would move on to something more stable and reliable. I parted mine out so no one else would have to suffer the misery of owning it while helping some other 450 owners salvage another ride.

I will note that I bought one of those white/grey Yamaha YZ 450's a few years later thinking I could some how bring back that 450 feeling with gobs of power and great handling. I was never so disappointed in a motorcycle as with that Yamaha. If GasGas would have had their metallurgy in order when they released the 400/450 back in 02 it would have been a hit. It was a really great but unreliable bike. Meanwhile the Japanese were selling ticking time bombs to the MX crowd, but that was somehow OK.

Mudshark 12-07-2017 05:32 AM

My thoughts are affirmed! LOL I have been drug into working on one that has been sitting around for a couple of years. Kind of a hobby/challenge to get it back up and running. I wont have any cash outlay just tinker time. It will be for sale as soon as we get it to go. I'm a two stroke guy anyway. Keep it simple. Thanks for your response.

Jim Cook 12-09-2017 05:06 PM

Do you have the engine shop manual?
Call me. I might be able to help you with your project.

The early FSE400-450 was a real fun bike to ride. The harder you pushed it, the better it did. Predictable manners. I'll tell you a story or two about my experiences with them.
I had a few problems, but they had nothing to do with suspension or handling.

Good Riding and Wrenching to You!

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