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MattR 07-12-2006 11:07 AM

SE Michigan / NW Ohio Riding Location: Perbula's
Another fun riding area located in SE Michigan / NW Ohio is Privately Owned. The land is owned by the Perbula family. However, they are very generous and allow anyone to ride on their property (free of charge). There is a orange donation box near the entrance (by the pond) if you want to contribute... I always give a few bucks. If you want to ride with me, send me a PM or email and I would be happy to meet you there.

As shown on the map below, it is best to get off at Exit 9 (Summerfield Rd.)
Turn right at top of ramp (if southbound on US23) or turn left (if northbound on US23)
Turn left on Todd Rd.
Turn left on Bacon Rd.
Turn left on Moracco Rd.
Perbula's will be the last house on left (black mail with their name).
You can't miss it because of the large pond and bunch of cars parked out behind the pond.

Trail Description:
The trails and track are located behind the pond. The motocross track is not well-maintained but is fun to play around on. There are two sets of woods. Directly behind the motocross track, the first section of woods offer a loop of tight singletrack. To the left of the parking area/motocross track, another section of woods offers another loop of tight singletrack. There is only approx. 3 miles of trails, but is very fun for local riders. There are many various connector trails which allow you to create your own loops.

Map to Perbula's:

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