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Jeff B 06-04-2017 10:56 PM

Yes, it pulls 4th fine. 5th and 6th is where the gap gets bigger. So now it is time for a ride report. I went to the Trials Training Center. I got schooled by a 70 plus year old instructor. I rode it on the intermediate line. I rode my bike and tried a TXT 125. There is nothing that would hinder the Contact 250. The suspension is fine. I would not adjust it if it had clickers. The tires are O.K. for lower intermediate and less riders. Better tires will be helpful for more advanced riders. (I can't tell the difference) The only change I made was I went up to a 40 pilot. It puts the fuel screw more in the middle. It has a lean pop on deceleration, but it is NOT engine knock. The other change was I changed to the BLACK throttle tube. It slows down the acceleration and softens out the engine.. Starts easy, idles perfect, shifts good. I have used the bike as I said earlier in the post. Trials and trail work. The seat works very well. It would be nice if the hole for the seat mount was pre-drilled. I am very happy with the 250. For me, the 250 is a better choice than the 280. The 250 starts easier, has less hit, very little noise, and it didn't hurt that it was less money. Only negative is you can't run pump gas. I am running 102 unleaded race gas. Not a big problem in Nashville,Tn. I tried pump 91, race gas 98, 102, 105, 110 and 100LL avgas. 102 and 100LL (low lead) ran the same. Nashville small airports will not sell me avgas unless I have a airplane sitting there...I don't. But a friend does. I will stick to 102 race gas. Yup...I like it. Jeff

Jeff B 06-10-2017 06:53 PM

Rode the Contact today. It ran crappy and was hard to start, fouled a plug. New plug and re-adjust fuel screw for hot weather. It is back to normal. A note to future buyers. I replaced the 36 pilot with a 40. I think I can fine tune summer to winter with the 40. It needed to be leaned out today. Jeff

kenfm2000 07-09-2017 04:56 PM


Originally Posted by Jeff B (Post 177268)
Only negative is you can't run pump gas. I am running 102 unleaded race gas. Not a big problem in Nashville,Tn. I tried pump 91, race gas 98, 102, 105, 110 and 100LL avgas. 102 and 100LL (low lead) ran the same. Nashville small airports will not sell me avgas unless I have a airplane sitting there...I don't. But a friend does. I will stick to 102 race gas. Yup...I like it. Jeff

Jeff, I'm curious what the issue is with pump gas. I use ethanol free 92 pump gas and at my elevation (about 3300 ft) it seem to work fine. Is there a symptom I should look out for that will steer me towards race gas?

Are you still using the oem front sprocket? I read somewhere dropping 1 tooth in the front in addition to the black throttle tube is a great combo for the contact 250. I'm ordering the black throttle tube this week and might also get a new front sprocket.


Jeff B 07-10-2017 07:53 PM

Higher octane has slower burn. Some say higher octane burns richer. Lower elevation like Nashville Tenn, has higher oxygen density. That may be why my bike is lean with lower octane. I just could not jet it. 102 octane was about right. It was still lean at low rpm. The 40 pilot was about right. The 40 made it perfect at idle to low rpm but rich coming into the needle. I dropped the needle 1 clip. Perfect! I went to a 9 tooth front because it was better for the very tight turns we make. I can not explain oxygen levels scientificlly, but, it works for me. It runs perfect, starts easy, idles perfect. I might run a 45 pilot in colder weather. You are at higher elevation, 92 might be about right. Jeff

Jeff B 09-19-2017 05:40 PM

It has been a while. Any other ride reports from Contact owners? I richened the pilot to a 42. It starts better and has better off idle response. The lean pop on decal is completely gone. Spark plug looks good. Re-jetting is easy and no reason not to try. Check your jetting in a higher gear [4th]. Roll the throttle from idle and up. It should be smooth. I did a event. Rode the novice line. Had a blast. I would like to hear what other Contact owners have to say. Jeff

Jeff B 04-29-2018 06:52 PM

One year ride report. Been using it for trail work last couple of weekends. The seat is a big plus. I practice my trials skills in the back yard. Starts and runs great. No problems. Still find no need to upgrade anything. Some will say the tires. When riding the novice line, traction is not a problem. Skill is the problem. (we don't do splats nor boulders) I am thinking about cutting an inch or so off each end of the bars. Is there any reason not to? I am surprised I don't see much more about the Contact. Anyone hear any chatter about the Contact ES?

Dirt Dud 05-01-2018 08:52 PM


Originally Posted by Dirt Dud (Post 173622)
Jeff you are going to love your bike they do however have a starting technique that you will need to learn . I try to find TDC top dead center choke on and then a good kick gets it most of the time . The most it takes me is 3 tries and do not forget to take off the choke . If you take care of it in 5 years it will bring you back $3500. in 10 years $2500. Unlike enduro bike they do not need many extra parts . So enjoy your new bike !

Jeff glad you are liking your trials / trail bike I am just getting back into the dirt again and it is my trials bike bringing me back ! I have always run 102 plus in my trials bikes they just run crisper .

Cardona Daniel 09-30-2018 12:13 PM

Gas Gas Contact es 250
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Hello To all.

I'm new here and I live in Malta, I'm looking for a light and trail capable bike to replace my CRF250L, currently i was set to get a Beta Alp 200 ( ) it's a cross between a trial bike and trail. I always fancied a trial bike, incredibly light and capable machines but for some reason they all look intimidating for me.

Recently by luck I discovered that a Gas Gas dealer recently opened in the island and the first bike that came into my mind was the Randonne, unfortunately i discovered that these are not into production anymore, such a shame. the dealer instead had the new Contact Es (road legal ) complete with seat, needless to say i was impressed by it and it looked impressive, super light and very well made. after a minute tough doubts started to come, I ask the dealer if it's a handful to ride it on the road he immediately sad ''No, not at all'' then i asked him if it's capable to ride it at least at 80km/h and his response was '' yes of course, why it wouldn't'' then i really was asking myself if this guy is trolling with me or he really mean it.

i asked about road usage because in order to go to my favourite trails i need to get to the street first, some of them are least at 15km away, i asked also about fuel range and he told me for were i'm planning to go it won't be a problem but he didn't gave me a definite answer or the fuel range, worst case he told to carry some oil so when i get to the pump then i mix the oil into the tank when refuelling.

I'm also new to 2 stroke's so I'm worried if the Contact 250 would be too much for me, I'm afraid that the first twist of the throttle would end a flip over.

I also noticed and later discovered that the road legal version( maybe only here in EU) The bike comes with two exhaust manifold's and another carburettor, the manifold that came pre installed with the bike is for the Homologated setup which it comes black painted and it has some sort of flexible pipe and breather attached to it at the front but very unobtrusive and merely visible also the carburettor has something different but i didn't ask what, the guy at the shop didn't seem to be mechanical minded. the other manifold and carburettor are for a full power setup i assume.

So, my question is. what's the top speed of the Contact Es 250? can be ridden moderately without risking to blow up the motor?

what range I'm looking at with a 3.5 litre's of fuel?

If the radonne was still available I think i would have done the order u put my cash on the desk,why the hell gas gas stopped producing it?

I'm no expert rider when it come's to offroad but I would like to improve and with a light and trial capable machine i think I might double the fun and improve my skills, i got tired to the heaviness of the CRF and tall seat, I'm only 32 inch inseam so a low seat is very much preferred.

So should i stick with the plan of buying the Beta Alp or the Gas Gas might work for me? I spend 2 good days thinking about the Contact since I first laid my eyes on it and imagine how many more places i could go through with such a light machine but I think I may make a mistake to take it instead of the alp.

So I'm open for suggestions and thought's about it, any advice is welcome.

Kind Regards


memphis2857 09-30-2018 02:04 PM

The Contact is a trials bike first and everything else 2nd. The seat is a novelty and horribly uncomfortable to ride in the seated position. 80kmh is going to have that bike screaming and you wouldn’t want to do it for more than a few seconds. It sounds like that is not the bike you are looking for. Just my opinion though

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Cardona Daniel 09-30-2018 03:00 PM

so if i can't reach 80km/h then for what' speed it's intended to do on the road since they come road legal?

similar bikes like the Ossa explorer, scorpa TY, montesa 4 ride? are they all the same as the contact?

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