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Christini 01-05-2021 08:06 AM

2014 EC300 starter motor breakdown/photos
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G?day guys. I?m a new member from near Sydney, Australia.
I just bought a 2014 Christini EC300 AWD, and I?m having starter issues.
I just stripped the starter, but noticed that the markings on the casings weren?t lined up.
It led me to believe that the starter may have been stripped and incorrectly rebuilt?
Can anyone help out with breakdown and rebuild instructions of the starter, or some photos for me to check my alignment???
I?ve attached a photo, maybe someone can say if it looks lined up or not???

Thanks in advance.

Gasser Nate 01-06-2021 02:48 AM

From memory I do not think the marking line up on a 2014 gas gas. I always mark them first.

I believe the housing is rotated to get the correct rotation for the starter motor. You may need to experiment to get it to turn the correct way.

barbotte 07-28-2021 10:27 PM

wow you have a christini ... starter suck big time on a 14 as i have 1 too and only but problem with the bike and the starter but when the bike work ..ho ley crap its nice get me out of so many mud hole ... let me know if you succeed with the starter as i need to fix mine too .. i even get the ch80 mod and did not last here is the video of it

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