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Jim Cook 06-03-2008 10:55 AM

TrainRobbers Enduro/ June 8/ Hot Springs, Arkansas
Here is an updated announcement for the TrainRobbers Enduro, with links to the flyer, etc. Come ride with us. This is a real timekeeping enduro.


On behalf of the Arkansas Dirt Riders, I'd like to invite all ya'll to come ride with us in the TrainRobbers Enduro next Sunday, June 8th.
The location is at the Ross Foundation property, just off Hwy 7 north of Bismark (just south of Hot Springs, Arkansas).

The short course is close to 55 miles.
The long course is close to 75 miles.
The super short course (youth small wheel and women) should be close to 22 miles, and will not be as difficult as the longer courses.
(It gets tougher as you go along.)
There will be gas stops and mileage resets to catch your breath (and catch back up on time) during the race.

There will be a kid's race on Saturday afternoon.

This year will be a unique opportunity to ride this particular race. Since the SERA is not sanctioning the race this year, AMA membership will not be required to participate.
That's a $40 savings for a non-ama member to compete this year.
(Also, there is no gate fee for this race.)

If you haven't had a chance to ride at TrainRobbers Trail, or have been there and just wandered around lost on the 10,000 acres, this will be an excellent opportunity to really get to see what fantastic trails are located there. This place has every different terrain available, from deep sticky loam to rocky hillsides, except for deep sand. (That means no sand whoops. ).

Come join us for the fun, and get a chance to test yourself with some of the best off-road racers in the Region.
This will be a real enduro.

A race flyer can be had online here: http://www.blackjackenduro.com/flyer...bbersFlyer.pdf
And a map here: http://www.mapquest.com/maps/map.adp...submit=Get+Map
or: http://tinyurl.com/38vb6p
Pick up arrows on the side of hwy 7, 1.3 miles north of the intersection of hwy 7 & hwy 84 in Bismark; then turn east and follow arrows to the camp and sign up.

The required spark arrester inspection/sound test will be located together near sign up. Both will be open from one pm to 6 pm on Saturday, and again on Sunday morning before the race starts.
The first riders will leave the start line (very near the campground) at 8 am Sunday morning.

If you see me this weekend, whether at the campground, or while coming through my checkpoint, yell at me and say "Hi!".

Good Riding to You!

Jim Cook

Big Air. That's all kids want today. Big Air.
I say, "Kid, if you want big air, pull my finger."

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