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Cruiser 11-14-2009 03:36 PM

odd ktm/gg 43/48/zoke suspension quandry
SO I have a 625SXC with the 43wp's,, and I have acquired a set of 48wp's from a 03sx that need to be resealed. They are complete, clamps to wheel.. so it could be a drop on.. once rebuilt. I also have a 97 GG that I was looking to put a set of 43's on it.. Have the stock clamps for 43's for that bike,, now it has old school 45zoke conventionals that have the tendency to leak after every ride.. Now if I put the 48's on the sxc I could put the 43s from the sxc on the GG.. but the bigger axle my sumo wheels would not fit on the sxc anymore.. I also have a set of husky 45 zoke inverted forks but need a set of clamps to make them work on either bike.. oh decisions decisions decisions!! I could always put the 48's on the GG? I think the ktm clamp and the GG clamp are the same offset??
What would you do??
Oh the GG is my 97 250ec-2stroker woods bike and I use my sxc for the same trails,, just a bit slower and noisier..

GMP 11-15-2009 07:37 AM


I'd get those Zokes sorted and put on your GG, as long as you can manage the clamp issue and the offset is OK. As far as the 48s vs 43s on the KTM, is it worth it for what you do with the bike? What would you have to do to get the sump wheeles to fit? Aren't those older 48s the ones with the bushing issue, you have to remome one of the three bushings to get them to work decent?

Cruiser 11-15-2009 11:43 AM

I'll have to check on the issues on the 48's.. dont know for sure.. But for the $ I have in them I couldnt turn them down.. Got a full front end, a PDS rear, cdi w/coil and the newer style rear brake complete for $100.. Just have to sell the rear PDS, and the CDI from the SX and I should have some cash to start playing with these..

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