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GGRider01 03-09-2016 03:12 PM

Colorado DMV troubles
So I've been jumping through hoops left and right with the DMV. Finally hit a pretty big road block getting my bike plated. They won't accept the 16 digit GasGas VIN. They want me to take pictures, fill out 6 or 7 forms and send all this to Denver. One of these is a title history search. From there, Denver will contact the State Patrol and then I will be contacted by the State Patrol to do (another) VIN inspection and issued a new VIN. This means I will be given a placard to be welded or stuck to my frame somehow.

A few things to note: The bike is not yet titled and never was. It is insured and registered with the DOW with its current VIN.

Just looking for opinions on how full of it these guys are. Weren't tons of imported bikes in the 90's and earlier 16 digits or shorter?

Since the bike isn't titled, I'm wondering if I could go get a letter stamp, add a letter to the end of the vin, and start over with insurance and DOW registration since the VIN on these documents has to match? At this point they're essentially treating it like a home-made vehicle and the bike has never ever been titled. Or maybe I should just drive somewhere and see a different DMV.

john r b 03-09-2016 05:53 PM

Try a rural DMV it worked for me(after too many questions at my local dmv)

hadfield4wd 03-09-2016 07:29 PM

I would not add a letter. I think they would have some heartburn about altering it.

shang 03-09-2016 07:57 PM

It seems like every time I talk to the DMV I get a different answer depending on who I talk to. I think you should just try a different office.

hadfield4wd 03-09-2016 09:41 PM

Haha must be a universal dmv trait!!

RBrider 03-10-2016 05:37 AM

Some guys are sending off for a Vermont tag. They'll sell you a plate if your bike is under 300 CC. Vermont does not title vehicles under 300cc, so in effect, the tag registration becomes your certificate of ownership. They don't care if the bike is at an out of state location.

A neighbor of mine in NC tagged a '03 KTM this way. I downloaded the form off the Vermont DMV site and filled it out for my '01 XC 200 & have it sitting here ready to go but haven't gotten around to mailing it off yet.

Maybe I'll send it off this morning, now that it's on my mind again.


GGRider01 03-10-2016 10:33 AM

I guess then the trick is just not being pulled over! I'm really looking forward to putting around on my sumo tires before I throw the dirt tires back on - might be worth looking into.

RBrider 03-10-2016 02:31 PM


Originally Posted by GGRider01 (Post 164620)
I guess then the trick is just not being pulled over! I'm really looking forward to putting around on my sumo tires before I throw the dirt tires back on - might be worth looking into.

It'll be entirely legal. I'm told that after a while with the Vermont tag & registration, then you can go to your local tag office and apply for a (Colorado in your case) title & tag using your Vermont registration in place of a title.

Of course, making your bike street legal equipment wise is another issue.


GGRider01 03-10-2016 02:39 PM

Equipment is sound. But anyway, found the issue.. Turns out the State Patrol transcribed the VIN incorrectly. It is 17 digits. Back to step 1, update insurance, then to DMV all over.

GGRider01 03-13-2016 12:13 PM

State trooper rolled by the house and printed out new paperwork in his car! The previous inspector mistakenly checked "Colorado assigned VIN required" on the paperwork, which was a huge part of why the DMV wanted me to jump through all these hoops.

Tomorrow I expect to walk out of the DMV with a plate in hand.

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