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Stoby 12-08-2015 06:35 AM

quad / wild 300 parts available?
Thinking about looking at a 300 wild. Are there any parts available for these , like wear items tie rods balljoints etc.? I'm not really a quad guy but winters coming=snow and its a gasser. but if It cant be fixed due to parts availability I won't even bother

jimjim 12-08-2015 09:06 PM

I have two gasgas quads,a 300 and 240.Wear items are easy to find on ebay.As far as rodends and such,I have pounded mine for years and they are still as tight as my bosses wallet.Well made quads:)

Rod Overstreet 12-18-2015 05:22 AM

This is weird. This past month I have received several PM from people all over the east, looking for GG quad parts, both the 300 and 450.

Gas Gassin 12-19-2015 11:25 AM

I will join The I need GG Wild Hp parts also list. Maybe the new owners will supply parts, or a cross reference sheet. I found the rear axle hub nut ( which is an 18mm castle nut, Honda part # 90306-329-770).

LMSracer04 02-09-2016 02:03 PM

Common Parts
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I own a GasGas Wild 300 and I love it but this past year I've been looking for parts for it.

My rear carrier bearings went out this past spring and blew out the actual carrier. I could salvage the sprocket and brake disc mounts luckily but the carrier for a 1986 Honda 250R was almost identical, had a buddy mill off .004 to make it identical to the original.

Then late in summer the Motor locked up and wont even turn over, I havent taken it apart yet but Im guessing Im needing a complete lower end. Did some research and a CR250 crank is the same as the GasGas crank.

Im sure theres lots of other parts, especially those wear items, that are compatable from other quads too.

Jeremiah Fawcett 09-08-2016 04:42 PM

Iso: The infamous wild
Hey Guys! I'm interested to know what is out there for sale when it comes to both the Wilds. Anything from a rolling basket to a tricked custom. Thanks in advance! I'm in South Dakota, the closer the better...

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