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gassergrant 04-11-2014 01:06 AM

It took time and money to get it like that but the grin factor is high lol it was worth it

bowhunter007 04-11-2014 05:41 AM

Almost finished with a mild restoration of a '78 Honda twin. It will be a fun commuter scooter...just a few more days:D

pscook 04-29-2015 12:33 PM

This is my "off road" riding when not on the Gasser.

Here's the following view:

Moto7man 04-29-2015 12:49 PM


memphis2857 04-29-2015 04:06 PM

Here is one of my other hobbies

Elvis74 04-30-2015 12:27 AM

Very nice video, specially the under water scene with the little fishes

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barossi73 04-30-2015 07:35 AM

masters football last 7yrs(35yrs and over soccer)and coaching kids,occasional snowboarder,occasional mtbiker,bad guitar playing and worse singing(but its good for the soul! unconvinced!),hack golfer 17 hcap,only been playin casual a couple has highest no of courses per capita in world and a lot of small country clubs are a measly $10-20 green fees(i have at least 6 courses within 30-40min drive of this type).kitset radio control gliders(aerobatic 48" and 60").dont mind pulling the trigger either,mostly rabbits,hares(hmr17 by day,semi 22 by night),occasional deer(223).tried fishing but am just not patient enough,cant sit still for long if theres nothing happening...and of course #1 is dirt bikes!

shang 04-30-2015 09:15 AM


Originally Posted by gassergrant (Post 132178)
this my lancia delta integrale hf 16v

One of my all time favorite cars. I'm a sucker for hatchbacks and five doors with boxy flairs!

This is a great thread! It's fun seeing what other people with similar interests do in there "off-bike" time.

I mountain bike quite a bit, especially since I have a pretty extensive trail system just up the street. Ogden city has been really been working with riders to make some great biking trails and even been working on a downhill mtb park.

I also tinker quite a bit in the garage with old dirtbikes, trail 90's, little bikes... Etc. every now and then I'll drag some RC cars out and play a little. Not as often any more, but time is a premium these days. I also snowboard when the snow is good.

Other than that I guess traveling would be another hobby.

crackalope 07-27-2015 05:29 PM

I do a fair amount of hunting, and guitar playing. Raced on 4 wheels with the SCCA for about 20 years but gave that up (and boy is my checkbook happy) about 2 years ago. I just picked up the golf clubs again after a 25 year hiatus That roughly coincided with my playing with cars.

Dirt Dud 07-27-2015 06:34 PM

Dogs 3 of them , and of coarse keeping my wife happy . That means going with her shopping !

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