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Originally Posted by Qui-gon View Post
With my 06 in cold weather you have to reset the ECU at least once or you will crank all day or until the battery is flat (not long with this setup). For some reason the IAT does not read first time or doesnt stabilise quickly enough.

A typical cold morning start would be...crank a couple of times....turn off...back on....crank again and it starts. Its been like that since I got it.
As soon as it starts it will idle properly and is ready to ride off down the trail. No warmup, no bogging and certainly no chance of stalling.
After that it starts first touch everytime until it has been standing for a day or so.

This procedure is mentioned (well sort of) in the user manual which is a collection of Photos of older models, sentences with missing words and a piss poor spanish translated component names so it is easy to miss.
Hope that helps
Not sure it helps but makes me feel better that mine is "normal".

The only difference is on mine I usually have to open the throttle and close it while cranking for it to catch. What's more annoying is it's reluctance to fire up easily in gear when warm. Had a few times stalled in the middle of a race having to find neutral rather than press and go. However I've fitted a Rekluse which should stop that problem by preventing stalls once I've got it setup properly. Of course I absolutely must find neutral to start with that fitted if I need a little throttle to start it!
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