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I tried to love the 4-strokes, but the 2Ts still called my name.

The Beta was okay, but felt generally lacking. It felt old, I guess. And $400 for a kicker.

The Sherco felt really good underneath me... ergos and handling, but my research amd polling of current Sherco owners concinved me it was a few years away in R&D, that is, I had a concern for reliabilty (eStart only, charging system, motor in a bike I would keep for years).

I demoed the KTMs and they were okay. I decided if I were to go 2T it would be Gas Gas. The Air Forks were too MX-y. The XPlor forks were plush. The power on the carbed 2Ts was too peaky. The fuel-injected 2T was too mellow.

I went with the 2018 300 Gasser. The KYB suspension works very well. The motor is dandy. The handling is a nice mix of old GG and new (longer traits). I actually feel like *I* can turn it better (and tigher) than my 2011 250.
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