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Default 50/50 Tires

Can anyone recommend a good 50/50 or 60/40 (road/dirt) tire for my FSR450?

I am doing a bit more dual-sporting (road riding) while I cruise around to try to find the "good stuff" and commute to work (like a 4 mile ride).

Beautiful brand new set of Endurocross tires on bike right now - thinking I should get something more 50/50 oriented that won't get chewed up by the road.

-DURABILITY/LONGEVITY on road is far more important to me than performance in road-riding conditions.
-needs to be versatile; wide range of dirt/off-road conditions.
-DOT legal - A plus, but not a big deal where I live.

Road: Needs to be durable. Performance not as important.
Dirt/Offroad: Needs to perform well - (i.e., don't want tires to restrict where I can/cannot ride)

Also, what size/width/Aspect ratio for ea.? (obviously 18" Rear, 21" Front)
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