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Default Engine block hole

Hey, everyone

New to this forum! I just started doing trials and recently bought a Gasgas 125 TXT Pro Racing from 2011. Presumably in good condition, but after a couple of months I found a hole in the engine block, left split. It is located under the flywheel (I think it's called) - it's adjacent to the coils that generate power to the spark plug. Result is that engine oil is leaking out the hole and into the "compartment" where the coil sits. Or, the oil that's leaking is meant to lubricate the crank shaft bearings? I cannot really estimate the rate of leakage.

Does anyone have any good tips for how to fix this, besides the obvious and expensive solution of replacing the block entirely? I also cannot see how this would occur, apart from a manufacturing error?

My current idea is to use chemical metal (Loctite 3450), but would really appreciate any input you may have!

Attaching a few photos.



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