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I cannot see how it could improve starting, because it is bypassed and not functioning when the bike first starts. It takes a few seconds to boot before it does its thing. This is because the ECU is applying a heavy start enrichment factor of its own at his point. There is a yellow LED that flashes while this is happening. Once this is complete, it will enrich the idle if the low speed range adjustment is set above zero. I'm sure mine worked this way, but if by chance Dobeck made a design change maybe you should call and find out.
How much clearer do I have to get?

I HAD ONE ON A VROD. IT WORKED THAT WAY. I DIDN'T MAKE THIS UP. Call Dobek or waste your money, I don't care.

The battery voltage being low is possibility.

Do a little research on how EFI systems function, understanding this this will help your troubleshooting immensly.

I'm finnished with this thread.
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