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Originally Posted by Horsepower View Post
I have a 2004 FSE 450, I would love to try my ECU in your bike and see if it runs. I will double check the part number tonight to make sure it's the same. Been chasing a problem and this would tell me if my 600.00 ECU is really bad before I just spend the money on hope. What do you think about this?

I'm fine with that. My bike is down at my brother in laws house in Edmonds. Is that about an 90 minutes or so from you? Do you want to meet there sometime early next week? (I think Wed and Thursdays are no good), or would you just want to send it over so I can tell you I can't figure it out, but actually I'll be riding me bike with it in.

Sorry, thats mean.

This holiday weekend is out. Next weekend I may be putting a bike together at his home shop, so that may be a good time to come over if you can wait that long. (Of course, I'll have to double check his schedule to make sure)
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