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Default Extremely hard starting problems

I have a 2004 Gas Gas FSE 450 and even with a fresh new battery and plenty of new fuel in the gas tank, I sometimes can't even get the bike to start, or sometimes it will take up to an hour or more.

I turn the key on, open throttle for about 4 or 5 seconds then closed it and hit the start button 2 seconds later. The engine cranks real good but just wont start. Using the kick at the same time or by itself doesn't work either.

Also a lot of loud "gunshot" type sounds keep coming out of my muffler randomly when I hit the start button.

I have been told to hook it up to a Magneti Marreli VDST program with the cable that hooks up to my ECU but don't know anyone or any dealers in the state of Washington who has this?

Any other clues what this might be or what I can try? Anyone else had the same problem for your 450?

Thanks for all your input.

04' GG FSE 450
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