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Default Obama and riding areas:

I AM NOT putting up this post to start a discussion regarding personal political ideaology, although I know it may go there. My question is, now that Obama got reelected, what the heck can we do to get more singletrack riding areas, and keep the ones we have from being closed?

Is this a different question if Romney had won?

I think that even if Romney had won, all singletrack riding on public lands will be over very soon. I don't think either party gives a darn about our desires because we are a small group, and we also don't make much noise. I'd bet in numbers we are larger than the enviro-nuts, but they yell real loud and we don't. We just complain on sites like this one. Which is what I guess I'm doing a little, but I am also seriously looking for new ideas on how to get ourselves moving towards getting back the riding areas lost, and getting new ones. I'm not content to simply keep open the ones we now have.

I think if we don't start finding ways to be proactive in getting new areas, we have already lost the battle.

By the way, I am an AMA member, Blue Ribbon too. I sign petitions when I get the chance. I go to meetings regarding trail use and closures. I am looking for new ideas, or variations of old ones that don't get discussed often.
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