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Originally Posted by twowheels View Post

It doesn't sound like there is much hope for white guys in South Africa, and perhaps by extension Swaziland, so getting out before August seems like a good move.
Swaziland has a different set of problems, the whites have always been the minority here and have never been in power so very different to SA, but there are already some of the bad elements of SA filtering through. Will be nice to be operating in the worlds least corrupt country where i actually will get something in return for my tax.

Originally Posted by tonyraft View Post
Moving to the Tron !!! Will let you work it out what the rest of the country say about the Tron , if you ever get to the Deep South come look us up and I'll take you riding !
South Island? riding looks awesome there so will def need to make a trip

Originally Posted by (F5) View Post
Queenstown? I'm assuming that's an open invite. You have a couch? I might just pop in for a few weeks. I'll bring the family, we worked out a holiday would overstretch the budget just in accommodation. Hope you're near town. I drink a bit so stock up. I'm a bit fussy so Craft only if you don't mind.

Oh yeah. And welcome Matt. Tron is ok, just gets stick from Aucklanders who have big city snobbery of closest neighborhood.
Don't worry it is something i picked up on when i was there and came to a similar conclusion, I even took a 2hr bus ride each way to spend about 2 hrs in the Tron just to see for myself! The company i will be working for actually offered me a position in Auckland as well, but i turned it down mostly based on cost of housing etc in the big (little) city.

My wife also preferred the option of hamilton because it is not in the centre of the earthquakes and far enough from the sea to avoid any tsunamis lol (you can see she is a bit paranoid!)

Yep priorities are sorted (just need to sort out the finances now) - the only guy i know in NZ actually rides with Chris Birch most weekends which unfortunately is a different league (unless i really put that NZ friendliness to the test by changing a 3hr Chris Birch ride to a 12hr Chris Birch and his buddies buddy ride lol) but hopefully some of his skills will rub off by association
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