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Originally Posted by jt633 View Post
Looking to get a boyesen clutch cover im sure if there was enough interest boyesen would make some lets all email!
I am guessing you don't like the Rekluse clutch cover?

The following may or may not pertain to you, but seems to be a tend sometimes on here. Seems like some riders don't want the Rekluse cover since they don't want to look like they have a Rekluse EXP clutch. Please keep in mind that Rekluse does not just make the EXP clutch. They also make a very good Manual Clutch. I know a lot of enduro racers that pull their OEM clutch immediately and install the entire Rekluse Manual Clutch system. Just this past weekend at the Seattle Supercross I walked by the Rekluse van and they were servicing some of the SX race bikes with their manual clutch.
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