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Following your advices I did the following trying to solve the problem at full throttle.

1) Much less antifreezing liquid in the tank
2) Checked the needle position and it was in the middle (3rd). Put it to 2nd.
3) Cut the carb lines much shorter to avoid blocking from snow.

The result is even better operation in tight technical going without needing time to clean up and rev out in the faster sections. It was -3o C and still getting some spooge at the end of the silencer so I think the needle is in the correct position now. Still is not really happy at full throttle but the overall power is great opening the throttle max at 90%. Main jet is 180 so it might be a bit rich but I don't want to go leaner in these temps. The air screw is at 2,5 turns out. I will try it today at 2 and see... Still trying with 100% syn Castrol TTS untill I am 100% happy at full throttle.

Thank you again for your replies!

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