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Originally Posted by Cox76y View Post
Thanks gasser Nate and F5 for the reply. Yep, your correct I have blocked off that hose. (wrong thing to do??) I have also blocked off the intake and exhaust as well as the powervalve drain tube. I was under the impression that if I block all external outlets then it should be able to hold 5psi..

Can someone please advise me as to the correct procedure for a leakdown test. Pressure is input through spark plug hole in cylinder. I am pushing about 5 psi through it.
thanks in advance again.

You are doing it right, it is just that the air pressure is leaking around/through the right hand power valve bearing. Then into the gearbox via the breather passage. Might be worthwhile getting a new test bearing with rubber seals to pop in for testing only then pop the metal shielded one back in afterwards. They shouldn’t cost more than $5-10 from a bearing supplier. You can even leave that cover off while testing to spray some soapy water around the bearing to see if that is leaking.
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