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I thought maybe you were hooking it up wrong. If you are measuring the DC output from your simple rectifier (using the yellow wire as the AC source) I would expect to get 11-13 volts if the bike's voltage regulator is working. The voltage should not increase when the revs go up. Note that the factory regulator is only connected to the yellow wire. If the voltage climbs above 16 volts, the regulator is not working properly.

Tape a voltmeter to the handlebars and watch the readings as you ride around. Bulbs will burn out if the voltage is too high. Factory regulators are not very reliable.

The alternative is using a TrailTech or similar rectifier/regulator with the white wire as the AC source. This should be more reliable. You would need to measure your isolated DC voltage to confirm that the rectifier/regulator is operating correctly.
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