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Default 2k-3 Swap and adding headlight

So I am going to swap the 2k-2 I have on my bike (2006 EC250) for a 2k-3 as well as add a headlight. So I thought I would document with pictures, wiring etc in a thread.

Parts List:
2k-3 stator
Regulator/Rectifier Trail Tech Part #7003-RR150
3 position switch w/Kill Switch Trail Tech Part #040-HBS-02
X2 Halogen Head Light Trail Tech Part #36T2-70
Flywheel Puller Motion Pro Part #08-0026
Battery Turn Tech 2.5 Ahr Battery

LED tail light; rear fender seems pretty floppy already. Is a tail light just going to make it a lot worse? How do you mount it? Suggestion on which one?

What am I forgetting in my parts list?

2006 Gas Gas EC250
2011 Husaberg FE390

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