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I think you are right. I remember that one for sale and was thinking
of picking that one up from him also. If I remember correctly I got
my 2K3 from him a few years ago, but, it did not have the mod
done to it yet.
Are you going to set your's up with turn lights, brake lights,
hi-lo beam etc...?
If so. You have to replace the Leonelli AC flasher with a DC flasher.
I use oned from an auto parts store. I also had to swap the orange
and black wire on the flasher module connector.

You can swim throught here for a couple of more pictures of my EC300
It shows my battery set up and the 2K3 post floating ground mod.

It is the yellow wire with the shrink tubing in the above picture.
I think most of this was covered in the "HOw to go DC" thread.
Good luck with your upgrades.
Jeff, So Cal.
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