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Originally Posted by VxZeroKnots View Post
I raced this event and ran into David at breakfast Sunday before the race and he came across as just a regular guy who loves racing despite the fact that he is a legend.

He and the GGNA guys conversed with our group for about an hour or so and it was just a group of guys bench racing over coffee (tea for David). I couldn't believe how humble and approachable the guys were. Truly a highlight to an epic weekend.

As to the clutch, I was in all the races other than the final and during one of Sunday races (can't remember which) it looked like the bike took a nasty drop on the left side as the plastics were damaged and the airbox cover was missing.

I knew he was having troubles with the clutch but wasn't sure if it was the controls or the clutch itself but if it was the controls they certainly hit the dirt hard on that side.
Cool!! I can't say I've ever met him. My only opinion of him is that he races hard and is known for crashing hard. I'm excited to see him racing for GG. Hope to rub bars with him up here in Canada at the Corduroy Enduro in September. Should be easy for him that one. The last time a big name showed up was Chris Birch but it's been a few years.
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