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SFiegen here, just wanted to answer a few of the questions raised. I conducted the Demo tour for Gas Gas last year and I had the privilege to help David Knight at the rev limiter last weekend. We were at the I-Hop the morning of the race and met some of the racers competing that day. VXZEROKNOTS you are correct, he is the most laid back, cool racer you would want to meet. No attitude, No BS he is genuinely a nice guy, just another racing buddy to hang out with. The steakhouse was cool but a story for another time. As far as the clutch situation, that was an issue of using a different clutch master cylinder that David was more familiar with. We set it up and guess what, it didn't work like he wanted it too and he lost the clutch part way through the race and that was why he dropped off the pace. A mechanic issue yes not a Gas Gas issue. After race one we went back to the stock Magura set up and clutch problems gone. During the first lap he smacked a hole in the clutch cover on a nasty section of rocks. David came in to replace the clutch after half a lap of abuse. He lost most of the oil in the transmission but true to Gas Gas durability it just kept going. The clutch cover issue pulled him out of the race for over 10 minutes but he still took fourth right behind Ashburn and Graffunder. Race 3 he was ripping it up taking 2nd behind Webb. To answer some of the other comments, yeah he is a beast when he races, and brutal on the equipment. David will be doing select races in the States and Canada this year and if I receive info of his arrival I will post it here to let you know. I wanted to give a special thanks to Jim Haugen for all the hard work changing out the damaged parts and also a special shout out to David "K" for all the help and the push when I was installing my third tire and mousse combo. David I'm sure I speak for all the race fans that you took the time to speak with and take photos with even though you were busy WE ALL APPRECIATED IT.
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