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E07 is an adventure bike tyre. The EF-07 is an enduro tyre and i think that is the one you are referring to. They have different compounds, green stripe is soft double green is almost single use but you will probably be able to follow spider-man with it. This is the go-to tyre for the roof of africa, erzberg and romaniacs good for wet rocks. double green you will need to use with a super soft (the pros drill them) mousse because it is so soft and probably puncture easily with a tube or tubliss (could poss go single green with tube). I believe it suits someone with clutch control and not an aggressive style - doesn't like to spin over rocks. (EF07 is FIM compliant)

I always ran tubliss so have not used this tyre, my go-to was the Mitas C-18 single green stripe (but it is non-FIM) good grip and long lasting. Chris Birch was a big advocate (and developer) of the EF-07 when he was in south africa winning the roof of africa. In NZ he still runs mitas but goes for the C18 as i think it is a bit better in the NZ mud

Mitas are great tyres and have a tyre for you, just have a look at the chart on the download :
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