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Originally Posted by Davehuge View Post
I really like the idea that GasGas has come up with for the new Ranger, more torque, bottom end power, softer power delivery, softer suspension, etc. than the EC. Great price too!

Seems it would be a great option for people that don't ride competition but still want to do some serious off road riding.

My only gripe is that there's no kick starter... I don't understand why they would sell an off road bike that relies solely on electric start.
One reason is the general public is always whining about making bikes lighter. Easy way to shave off some weight there. Most serious riders will always prefer to cart around some extra weight for a little piece of mind. Just have a look at most of the spares people carry around in their bags! I am guilty of carrying half a bike in mine for all the people that barely maintain their toys. My own brother is the prime candidate!
Back on a gassy! 2018 EC300! 🤘
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