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I have the air screw set to 1.5 turns out. If I turn the air screw in more than about 1/2 from closed the engine will die, but I don?t notice much difference in throttle response or idle quality between 1.5 to 3 turns out so I just left it at 1.5 out from seated.

The idle screw is turned in pretty far, but is not bottoming out it?s spring. The engine will idle for 5 to 10 seconds or so before it dies. While riding and hill climbing the engine is responsive and powerful. It will pull up hills down below the idle speed if I hold the throttle slightly open.

I get a little spooge running down the silencer after burning a gallon of fuel and the spark plug is black and there is a little burble in the mid range. So the bike is still rich, but doesn?t load up and comes on the pipe quickly in a very linear fashion.

Since I am using the top clip position on this NECF needle and the bike is still a bit rich I think I should try a NECJ needle to replace the NECF. I think I got mixed up on the needle codes and bought a richer needle than I wanted last time.
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