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Default Trip West NY to MT,CO,NM,TX back home

Taking a summer road trip with my son (in the car) to South of Livingston,MT just North of Yellowstone, then down through Colorado, New Mexico into Texas and back home to Upstate NY. Here's the question, what's the best way to get through Colorado ? 87 down through Denver looks quicker, but not much in the way of Mountain scenery? I could be mistaken. Not really interested in the big cities or touristy ski towns. Any good small towns we "need" to see? Places to eat? Good places to stay? Landmarks? I know people on this board have been out there and live out let it rip. Go easy....I'm in a car, not a 4wd! Wish I could ride single track while there, but not this time. To the moderator if this needs to move so be it, wasn't sure. Thought I'd try the Gasser forum as well for this one.
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