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Default EC 300 2012 - jetting for singletrack (not racing)


I am a new GG owner from Belgium and am looking into getting my bike right for me. I'm not racing, love to play around in the woods, got some open gravel roads connecting singletracks. Don't need the most power out of my bike, but am looking for a nice crisp performing machine with decent miles per gallon.

I have browsed the forum a bit to look for a good jetting for my bike, but up till now I haven't come up with a good setting just yet.

I think the bike is a bit rich for the riding I do, I also get a lot of spooge drooling down the exhaust. It's not the mufflerpacking, since the bike has only run 100km (+-60miles) or so.

Bike is completely stock now:
main 175
PJ 42
needle N1EF clip 3
AS 1 out

I run premix at 1:50, riding around sealevel with temperatures in the range of 5-25?C.


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