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Nono I don't hate you for saying that at all. I am ready to accept any help anybody has to offer. But here is one thing to think about: I have no schematic or anything that gives me the slightest hint of what is within the cluster#$% of wires that run all over this bike. Nothing to tell me anything about the electrical or where it goes or what it does. Brown wire? Where do you run little brown wire? NOWHERE because I cant find you anywhere. I am pretty sure that leads to my short but who knows what it does without a schematic. I mean you are right I could spend the rest of my life in the shop trying to guess what things are. I cant really do anything methodically without knowing what and where things are running and what they do and everything that a schematic would tell me. Considering I am no electrician, I have about as good of a chance of fixing the space shuttle without a schematic.

The battery may be shot. How do I test it? Considering it is less than 2 months old I am really doubting the fact that it is not good but I don't rule that out. Dont gasgas bikes have to use stronger batteries? I know someone said they run better on the CBR1000 batteries that have stronger cranking power or something like that.

And how would I test my starter to see if it is good? Also is the bikes charging system and starter one in the same?

Thanks for the help,

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