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My 2002 280 TXT Pro and my 2005 2.9 Sherco both had lean choke jets that required me to tip the bike over to make richer to start when cold. The fix is to replace the choke jet with a richer one or drill it slightly larger.

Your bike sounds like it has a different issue because it sounds like it starts ok when it is cold. Have you checked that it has spark when it dies? Does the spark plug look very dark/rich or wet? Does it smoke much when running?When you are kicking it does it help or hurt if you crack open the throttle while you are kicking it? Does it ever start when warm?

One more bit of info. Th GG Pro trials bikes have a somewhat fragile starting parts. I was told by a GG Trials guru to put your foot on the kick lever, rotate it slightly until the slack is taken up, then kick it through the stroke.
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