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Hi all,i am newto the forum, i recently had a beta , sold it and now have a txt2000.
when i first got it i thought ill clean the carb, change the fuel, give it a check-over, instead i did none of the above and took it out, the carb stuck open and it seized..... MY OWN FAULT!!!! i have stripped the bike,consulted youtube, taken the barrel off and gently knocked the piston through, i havenow cleaned up the barreland the piston, and need advice for the following:
Do i buy a new piston then take it with the existing barrel to get matched?(the piston looks in bad shape,there is a local place ive been reccomended)
Which piston do i buy?where isthe best place to buy piston & gaskets?
my bike serialnumber is: VTRGG250002000562*
is it a 250cc txt year 2000?
Also there was loads of mud inside the airbox, the seal doesnt seem great, is
this common?

i hope you guys can help me......... then i cant get it bck together!!
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