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Default Prostate update

After 5 weeks of eating right and walking, up to 6 miles a day, April 30th I felt like I had the flu out of the blue, started getting a fever and could hold my urine, now I am one of those blockheads that worked in the mines with walking pneumonia and went to work 4 weeks after blowing my left elbow apart (I figured I could shovel with one arm). This was bad, the second day I told the wife I gotta go to the e room at the local hospital, they did a ct scan and shipped me to the hospital where I had my operation, I had an abcess 9.5 cm by 3.5 cm squeezing my bladder, had it drained and they kept me 6 days pumping antibiotics in me. Home now starting the walk routine again feeling much better. That was some real pain and I thought I was tough but now that its past I see it as a bump in the road, will be riding as soon as I am cleared to and them pesky 18 GG pics are starting to get to me, giving me something to shoot for lol. I want to thank all for best wishes and hope to be on the trails late summer early fall. I'll keep you guys posted.
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