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Originally Posted by GasGas View Post
Today I rode my 2018 GG 300, 21 beta 250 2t and a very low hour 17 KTM 300 XC with lectron.

The beta was very light and flicky compared to the GG, but the gg was much more stable. The beta motor felt really weak for a 250 in my opinion and he even had a higher compression head installed. Mind you I have been riding 300's since 2014. The forks were sprung for a 210# rider and they blew through the stroke and hit the stoppers like they forgot to put the springs in them. Gone is the feeling of the big hole on the side of the bike where I grip with my knees that the older bikes had. If I was to get a new Beta, it would have to be an RR 300 with KYB. The ZF stuff sucks. My former GG dealer is taking on Beta, but I wish they were taking on Reiju instead....

The KTM was well sprung in the rear and equiped wih air forks up front. It worked really well on the little sand track that was really wooped out. It was also more flicky than the GG, but also not as stable. Power delivery was on point for a 300 and crisp and clean. A well sorted bike that was easy to ride.

My 2018 GG is stock with exeption of springs and jetting. Mitas green stripe tires and a front mousse. I run the bigger front tire too so that may be effecting the flickyness compared to the other bikes, but I'm not complaining as it just goes where you want it to. I think my jetting could be a bit crisper. I'm currently running a Suzuki needle. I really like the GG and would be very happy with a new Reiju me thinks!

I did ride the new Betas last fall and quite liked them. They were very easy to ride. However, I've only had a few brief moments on a newer Gasser, so didn't get a real chance to really get a feel for them.
If I was buying a Beta, I would probably get the regular RR version with Sachs forks, then put the enduro-spec cartridges in. I've rode a Beta with those cartridges & they are by far the best forks I've ever experienced. I've probably rode 100 different bikes in the last 15yrs & nothing comes close to those.
The new Reiju's are still on my list, as they are a very good bike & I'd know what I'm getting.
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