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Originally Posted by mitinsky View Post
"There is a small problem that I cannot fix - when switching to rain and vice versa, idling rises, as if the throttle is slightly open."
That?s the objective of the MAP mode, it will change the timing, it is very noticeable during idle.

Originally Posted by mitinsky View Post
"The stock battery does not feel well in the cold - at +2 celcius, the starter does not turn.
If the electric starter has no juice during first start, it is probably the ground.
You have a single ground cable going from the battery to the e-starter.
Unfortunately, this cable it is connected behind the starter guard and making connection only from the bolt (BTW a no connective bolt).
Change the connector in other to be touching the e-starter directly.
I made another small ground cable from the e-starter to the frame, just to be sure.
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