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Default Sherco or Beta?

At this point it is apparent that GG will not be producing 2016 models - and if they somehow managed it, I wouldn't buy one. Let's hope they get sorted and return as a viable manufacturer in a couple of years.

I am buying a 2016 ride. 2 brands on the radar - Sherco and Beta - Bike will be a 300 2-t. Info for both MY16 bikes is out. Beta has gone to oil injection (like the X-Trainer). Not sure about going to new-school oil injection ... more stuff to break, I know how to mix gas, and I share fuel cans with my race buddy at the enduros we ride (we both ride 2-t, and he's not buying a Beta for next year).

I've seen both in person, but not ridden either. I've trolled the forums on the bikes. Useful, but certainly ... big grains of salt with that ...

My local dealer sells GG, Sherco and Beta - whatever it means to sell GG as of today - so that's not an issue. I ride mostly tight single-track in decent soil.

So ... thoughts and opinions. Anybody ridden both back to back? Got a friend who owns one? Ridden one extensively?


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