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I'm on my second Sherco SE-R 300. Very stable, yet very nimble bike. No need for a damper. Also very light. Climbs hills like a hero. I had a bit of trouble with my 14 getting a bit hot on some of the slow nasty climbs, especially if you get stuck and have to spin it a bit.( the bike is very light compared to the gasgas and does not have that heat sink in the motor as such) That seems to be cured on my 15. The mapping seems better on the 15 as well. Works much better in the soft map on the 15 over the 14. I call it the 200 button. Works great when the trail gets messy or you get tired. Suspension has really good build quality and is easy to service with a big aftermarket for suspension parts and tools. The linkage is stupid simple to service with 1/2 the bearings to clean and grease compared to my GasGas. Very easy bike to work on with not too many different fasteners. Mostly 8 and 10 mm heads. The electric start is flawless. The 15 even starts well in second gear for race starts. I could really care less if I ever owned a bike with a kick start again, it works that good. And works even better with a lithium ion battery. Tool less air filter access. Good solid dependable bike, just like a GasGas. But way more refined.

My buddy has a Beta 300 2t. I have ridden it a few times. It has a strong smooth motor and does not over heat easily. That's where the love ends for me though. To me, it feels very old technology when riding. It reminds me of the older Italian husky 250/300 but with a squatter chassis. I liked the old school Husky more than the beta. I just found I didn't get the feed back I needed from the Beta that you do from most bikes. I would almost describe a yz chassis like that too, but it turns better. Definitely feels very slow handling compared to the GasGas and Sherco. The guys that own them like them, but their not for me. My buddy has great luck with his as far as dependability goes.

They all have ktm beat when it come to stability. Don't judge the sherco for it's WP suspension. It's nothing like a ktm to ride. Swing a leg over and judge for yourself.
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