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Originally Posted by barossi73 View Post
Gotcha,clear as mud!
So for eg if i post a reply then reread/edit my own reply it drops off my new posts.however it stays in other members new posts until they read it,or logout without reading it?then it drops to main forum yes?(in #1 at least)
That is pretty much it.

If you read/reply to a thread, it will still show under new posts, however will show as being read (plain text instead of bold). It will then show as unread (bold text) for everyone else until they read/reply/log out without doing anything with it.

It doesn't neccessarily drop to the main forum. Things are posted into their forum sections and sub sections. The new posts button just searches the whole forum based on what has been marked as read or not.

On other forums I may only check every week or two I typically have a couple pages of new posts and tend to specifically go to the sections I am interested in. On the GG forum that I check more frequently I use 'new posts' more than anything else.
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