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Normally in Oct but this year they are moving to Sept. Check it out
Well we just complete the 2019 Baby Burr in southern Ohio and what a great event. Just a little rain on Friday so it made the trails dam near perfect. The land owners were great on both letting us use their land and the route layout. Lots and Lots of trails. Probably the most I have see in years. Dust was minimal and links were fast.
Thanks to Bob and all the others. Oh thanks to all of you the provided lunch. I was so full I almost needed a nap. And thanks to all that made dinner at the end of a long (6 hours ride time to do 110 miles) it was great.
Lastly thanks to Tammy and the Pittsburg Trail Monkeys as with out you I would not have finished the whole route. Till we meet again WFO!
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