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Default 300 hard starting warm Having some carb issues.

I have a 2011 300 . All electrical is working fine.

I picked this bike up, left it in the basement for 2 months and then went to an enduro. I had a long day.

Bike was pig rich. And Very hard to start warm. Like let it sit 10 minutes then start it.

35 f 20 % humidity
Got home found
36mm ASII
6.5 Slide
NOZH 3rd
40 Pilot
178 main
Air screw No effect.
FLoat 6.5

I lowered the float to 8mm. It seem to help starting but ran still to rich. No Power. A little bit of change with Air Screw

I just installed a # 7 slide that is From My RB modded A.S.I It
Runs Much better. Very Crisp. Will need g2 Throttle cam for tight single track.
Air Screw has no effect. Even with idle screw out. Idles great. If shut it off sometimes it starts good , sometime it takes 20 kicks
Todays Weather 55 F 20 % humidity
2011 Sixdays 300

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