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Default Some small suggestions.

Or maybe not small. I really have no idea what it takes to edit or operate a forum like this.

I'm an avid member on ADVrider and there are a few things that they use and do that would be cool to see here. If they are easy to add to the site it could really improve the user experience.

One is to have a "Like" button on posts. Sometimes I want to let someone know I appreciate what they had to add. But don't want to clutter the discussion letting them know that. A "like" button on posts like ADVRider uses would be a great way of doing this.

Another would be to add some more Emoji's. They can liven up a conversation and express emotions in a way that typed words cannot.

The third is more of a query... Is it possible to change a username? I've changed mine on a few other forums recently for personal reasons that I would rather not explain in public.

In saying all this please realize that I have literally no idea if this stuff is even possible, or if it is a lot of work or just the click of a button. You can check ADVRider to see how they use some of these things.

If its too much just tell me to bugger off.
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