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This forum uses an older version of vbulletin - for various reasons it is the "end of the line" for it.... There is no place to move forward with it.

Vbulletin used to be the best forum software - and it is still very good. Then an evil mega-corporation bought vbulletin. They created a 4.0 version of this software that was abysmal and expensive to migrate to. The founders and developers of vbulletin left that company and formed xenforo - which is used by ADV rider.

My view is that at some point this forum will need to move to xenforo which is better maintained (and also run by some very decent human beings). . But right now is a bad time for a couple of reasons and Neil pointed that out....

Neil has given me very good council in the past - conveying his experience, the current landscape for alternatives, and his recommendations.

His point about 2.0 being released is a good one and thanks for the info. A new release will typically have teething issues that can be a huge time sink.

It is also a domino effect - to upgrade to new forum software, I need to upgrade operating system on my web server - and that's another "time sink".

To be honest, with my career and a real need to focus on my family, I don't have that time to give.

As neil said, things are running well here. Too much work right now for a little incremental gain..


p.s. If one wants to change their username - they can send me a message and I can easily do it for them.
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