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Originally Posted by urnuts View Post
I can certainly see why a Kawi shop would want to pick up GG!
Seems like Kawi has completely abandoned off-road; My '06 KDX and '08 KLX are most certainly the last green bikes I'll be buying- too bad and very odd... but this isn't the place for that discussion!
I wish my local Kawi dealer would pick up GG!! Clay?
MotoAdventure is an unusual Kawasaki dealer in that they still ride and race. Most of the Japanese brands don't have employees or owners that are that into off road anymore. The funny part is that when we walk into a Japanese store, most of the time an owner will tell you he can't sell two strokes anymore because he doesn't ever get phone calls or store traffic looking for 2Ts anymore. Obviously he doesn't go to local off road races to see how many orange 2Ts are out there. He also is unaware of how much his customers know about the models the brands carry. No one on this forum would call a single line Kaw dealer and ask him about 2ts because you all know that Kaw hasn't made them since 2007 (I think). me on a soapbox again!
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